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The Challenge.

Why Does
It Work?

The Main Issue.

Imagine walking into your local shopping mall. You went there looking for something you wanted to buy. Maybe you’re just browsing.

Then as you are passing by one of the kiosks conveniently located in the highest traffic areas in the mall, someone tries to stop you and pitch their product. Most of the time, it’s a brand, or product you have never heard of.

The challenge for that salesperson is that you don’t know them or their brand, and frankly don’t care because they haven’t spent any time adding value to your life.

They are interrupting your day, interrupting your shopping experience to extract value from you.

They haven’t given you any proper context, or asked anything about you that demonstrates that they understand you as a customer. How could they? They are supposed to pitch everyone, and you were walking by.

What Typically Happens Next?

The Resolution.

The salesperson doesn’t have the time to properly pique your interest, and they have to rely on luck or the “numbers game” to find the proper customer looking to buy what they have to sell.

Due to these challenges, you’re most likely inclined to say “no” and continue shopping for what you wanted. The salesperson has to deal with rejection again, and find another person to stop and pitch.

This “spray & pray” approach is ineffective, wastes time, and leaves both parties feeling agitated or annoyed.

However, this is how the majority of practices are presenting themselves to the marketplace.

The Core Problems.

Incorrect Lens.

Proper qualification and diagnosis takes time and information. You can’t focus your lens on the proper patient, unless you know exactly who you are looking for.

Incorrect Language.

Having the correct prospective patient is key, but then giving them proper context, information and adding value need to be achieved. Instead of being pushy, you want to “pull” them towards your practice.


Now that we have the lens and language, we need to be able to fragment the market so that only people who need your help see your message. We need to present to them the information, where they want it, when they want it, and how they want it.

How Do
We Fix It?

What If There Was A Better Way?

How Do
We Fix It?

We Believe So.

We want to solve this for you.

We want to take care of focusing your lens properly, using the correct language while making the whole system extremely efficient.

What if you could ensure your prospective patients were highly intentional?

What if you could know that they are getting the right information from a reputable source?

What if you could handle their objections, fears, and limiting beliefs all at once?

What if you could control your revenue and not rely on referrals, or be starved by insurance?

What if you could do all of this without having to be there, or at any time of the day?

The Solution.

Build you an end-to-end system that is simple, predictable, scalable and autonomous that handles your patient attraction, acquisition and conversion process.

This is what we do.

Let’s go through the 3 steps below.

3 Simple Steps.


How Do We Properly Attract The Right Patients?

We attract patients by showcasing a series of videos that “prime” your ideal patient.

It attracts them by initially handling their main fears, objections and preconceived notions.

These limit the prospective patient from taking action. We want to focus on them seeing you and your practice as an authority in what you do.

We fuel their desire with each successive video.

They will associate you with being the solution to their problems.


How Does It Show Me And My Practice As The Solution?

After the Attraction phase, we capture your ideal patients data and create a digitized presentation that simulates the in-person sales process.

This guides them through the “WHY, HOW, WHAT” stages in your business.

We create a digitized presentation that properly represents your business — no matter the time or day.

You could be traveling, asleep, or busy with patients, and it will present perfectly… every time.

The presentation will simulate what you would say to a prospective patient during the intake process. This presentation overcomes limiting beliefs and incorrect data.

Your prospective patient will feel they can make an educated decision, giving them enough information to take action.


How Do We Get Qualified Patients Into My Practice??

The conclusion of your system will end with your prospective patients scheduling a time to speak with you or your staff.

They will have filled out a short and pertinent survey that will give you preliminary information to decide if they are a proper fit for your practice.

Since you collected their data in the previous phase, you are able to have automated follow-up to increase patient throughput.

If you have an EHR/EMR that is compatible with a digital integration, we can have them schedule a time directly.

This gives you back the end-to-end control of your practice. Allowing you to be selective in the patients you want to work with.

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